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21 year old
borneo-born babe
dangerously unbalanced.






The Open Secret


Sunday, January 25, 2009
cough. ish. 10:03 PM

My throat irritates me to the point of sending my fingers scratching the outsides without much success in easing the twitch. Hate it. Damn those Mandarin oranges!
Chinese New Year, tomorrow. It's a yearly nuisance that the neighbors would fire their noisy mercun papan to ward off the spirits. Tahan je lah kan. I do, however, look forward to the empty high ways and abundance of parking spaces in malls.
I bought Stephanie Meyer's non-Edward Cullen swamped novel, The Host, and am enjoying the story. Not without a few winces. See, her vocabulary isn't swamped with new, fresh words. She repeats them, annoying me because having enguled myself with the four addictive books for the past couple of months, these words seem all too recycled at this stage.
rolls eyes.
But she does have a knack in describing how her character feels in the situation she is being put in, which makes her writing bareable, if not entertaining.
Roxy's huge. Her claws have outgrown it's welcome and I'm hating her every time she drags her paws down my short legs. Cute little thing is now a medium sized irritation. Love her no less, though. I miss Tiger too; I haven't heard much about him since the news about him twisting his leg last week.
Also, Khrist's party was awesome. We played little games and the people were warm- some too excited with the presence of many individuals- but delightful nonetheless. The cake was sedap sehingga menjilat jari kaki. Her mom is an excellent cook, and I must admit I favoured Devin's butter cake over Khrist's :p
Mandarin oranges are evil.

Friday, January 23, 2009

the title expresses my mood well.
someone got the message loud and clear. Oh life.
It never crossed my mind as odd, the habit of hanging out by myself in huge shopping malls. Today I had the pleasure of combing through bookstores without impatient minds hovering over my shoulder. Guilty, but I shall bear in mind to make this a practice when in need of some time alone.
I got her something I think she'll like.
We got her something we hope she'll love.
Love em, hate em.
The trip to HUKM was alarming, but thankfully- and twistedly- bad people die last right? hahaha. Ehem. I'M NOT DYING YET BITCHES! Whoahahahaha oh, you'd understand. Seriously I'm looking forward to next semester.
Oh wait, some won't.
And to you,
Stop acting like a martyr and be honest with your feelings
for once. It's getting stale, this whole merajuk thing you're pulling. Truth be
told, I wonder why I bothered all this time with you. Get a freaking life,

Saturday, January 17, 2009
but then I just smiled 5:24 PM

good. it was all but good.
thank you Lord.
It was alright, and I chose to downplay the emotion. Possibly, this is the best thing that 2009 has brought to me. I lost a dear Alfie, but I gained someone else. I gained someone back.
Not entirely, but I take what I get.
I want to go to Cameron. I want to go to Genting. Not because I've never been strawberry plucking or I miss the high land whiff. I was just there a few days ago mindlessly walking the paths of First World Plaza with daddy dearest, Starbucks in hand.
I too, need to get away. From Roxy hahaha kid.
I'm broke.
*twists face into pretzel*

Thursday, January 15, 2009
grumble grumble 2:39 PM

to go, or not to go.
that, is not a question.

Everything is okay now, there is no need to hide. Or so, I tell myself that everyday and it gets least convincing on each attempt. I know why, but it's not helping with the situation since I pretty much am trapped between a rock and a solid hard place.

shitty situation.

Chaddie decided to kick himself alive again, so here I am. Roxy's grown considerably bigger, and she's annoying. Free puppy anybody?
I kid I kid!

Her daddy would tear me apart LOL.

I forgot the top Sharon lent me in Melaka, so now I either make a trip back, or get a new one for myself. I'm pretty sure the latter would cost more bunt it's more practical then traveling all the way back for a shirt.

Break's been kind; so far I've been preoccupied with stuff. Chores. Cough. I'm not even eager to go out and shop, but that's no surprise coming from me. Never into splurging on fabric or footwear, and since my Twilight series has been completed ( all hail Myself, for having nothing else to read now wtf).

The ending, me no really likey. Favourite book? New Moon :)


I've got two more DVD reruns to catch up on.

p.s I miss you. But it's going to be impossible. sigh.


Monday, January 12, 2009
not much 10:02 PM

I've gone into hiding.
Yes I have.
But I've done nothing wrong.
Update: I brought Roxy home instead.
She needs deworming, and house training. She's getting on my nerves shitting and pissing everywhere with a rug. I broke a hanger in my attempt to scare her from practising this high blood pressure inducing habit.
I will turn her into a pretzel the next time she crosses me.
Oh, and I've got two birthday parties to attend, one to make up for, for not making an appearance. I took one glance at the birthday pictures and shuddered. Literally shuddered.
I honestly do not think I fit in anywhere.
I miss having Alfie.
My brother's compaq is slightly annoying me, to say the least. The fact that he is inseparable from it is another reason why it's hard for me to stay connected to my online accounts.
Best believe that I'm looking forward to hanging out with Zahier and Jasmine for the break. But for the next few days, no can do, lovelies. It's the trip to the vet that needs taking care of before anything else.

Saturday, January 10, 2009
nyeh 2:32 PM



Baaaaaaaliiiiiikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk la babi.

*smiles wide*

Finals over. I can sleep. I can blog. I can do everything else besides studying and not feel guilty about it. This is just about the only pleasure finals season has to offer. The merdekaness washing over you once you drop your pen for that last sentence in you 50/50 paper.

fuck you.
I just felt like saying that.

I'm taking Tiger back to Cheras. I hope he doesn't soil the seats or flourish them with his urine. If that were the case I would have an unnecessary chore when I get back home.

license. I'm going to start driving soon.
Bestari? Punto? Rav4? anything lah.

as long as it isn't that godawful white kancil.

p.s I hope she forgives me :(


Wednesday, January 7, 2009
stink 12:02 AM

there is no water here tonight.
And I smell like dog. Wet dog. Thanks to Roxy.

She's all good now, except that she scratches herself more often than usual. I was so afraid for her; I think my maternal instincts are creeping out prematurely. And I don't even like kids. Dogs, dogs are an exception.

They can never say the word NO to you.
When they do, you can just kick them muahahahaa

Pretty much a hectic evening. and I'm not even blogging from Chaddie. He's a piece of crap ( sorry dude, truth and you know it lol) Chaddie is worst than Alfie! Cc-crawww-wling with viruses that it hangs right after start-up!


All in all, exam in less than 48 hours.
I can do this.

..because I am slightly suffering from sugar rush.
damn Livita; you're good